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07 March 2019 @ 13:40
I had some plans to start updating again. Even told some of you about it. It'd been working well for you. Sure, I could do it too.

Clearly not.

Either way, I've realized, for somebody who has a lot, lots of things, experiences, friends, and even family - you do just as much complaining (if not more so).

And when I've reached out, as I don't have a lot of those things, I'm met with defeaning silence. Yet I see you're wildly vocal everywhere. But also specifically cryptic, and negative here.

I used to get so frustrated. Now, I just feel bad for you. Of course, this sometimes just makes me want to reach out more. But I don't. So, lose/lose for me.

Which just makes me frustrated and tired.

This cycle is ridiculous.
25 December 2017 @ 00:16
I'm going to try to write here more often. For some reason, talking here seems easier than talking to you. Probably because it's easier to handle no-response here, than when I attempt to converse with you.
28 July 2011 @ 18:11
Do you think that criminals should be able to profit from selling their memoirs, after serving jail time?

Fuck no. I'm assuming that a lot of this is due to Casey Anthony? And, even though that's very much a local story, and even though she's very much a local criminal.. still no.

HOWEVER - I'd encourage criminals to write books and memoirs, and make movies, and whathaveyou. Mostly because I believe that any 'profit', and any 'sales' or 'proceeds', should go to the State/Department that prosecuted the criminal, if the criminal wasn't already sued or charged with 'paying the state and tax-payers back'. But not even the State/Department, if people are too picky - as we know that the less-crime-filled states would start to complain.. Have all profit go to the Country deficit/debt, then.

At the same token, this is one of those 'in a perfect world' things - as this would never happen. Just like the major corporations will still get the bailouts, most more than once, even. Just like tax cuts will always be perceived as unfair.

Just my two-cents, though.

I think everybody should have the chance to learn from, or just take from, the criminals - especially if the criminal has learned something, themselves, or 'become a better person'. Fact is, jail-time can drastically change a person - better or worse - and I think everybody has a right to talk about, write about, and share their experiences; especially if somebody else can learn something from it. I do not think, though, that there should EVER be monetary profit from committing a crime - no matter how small. Your profit, as a criminal (if going strictly by the question, and being 'after serving jail-time'), is the fact that you're no longer in jail; or the fact that you can see your book or movie sales (because you'd know, if you are printing more, seeing the orders, etc), the fact that you can share your story (should you choose to).

Perhaps the only way for this to work would be that, when going to prison, and/or getting let out, this would be one of those conditions or agreements. 'Any profit from this point forward from anything dealing with my life, my story, my experiences up until this point, etc..'.. would be awarded to the state, department, and/or the country..

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09 June 2011 @ 22:52
As a result of this being my last bit of 'free time' before I start working around-the-clock (August 29th, 2011), I've been thinking about and trying to execute a couple of goals/scrapbooks. As you can see, I just officially posted my '100,000 Pages' goal. Well, this is going to be similar. Only, tracking (and hopefully rating?!) the books and movies (etc) I get to complete while officially enrolled in this new program. Since I was officially enrolled on June 1st, I officially started at least tracking my accomplishments as of then. And while updating this, I will also be updating the ratings as well.

I will gladly take suggestions (as far as movies), as I don't really use my netflix as often as I would like.
As far as books? I have about three dozen unread ones that I plan on knocking out.
As for albums, though; I will also take suggestions, though I have a handful that I have queued up for rating.

(I have included links as the titles, when applicable).

lights, camera, actionCollapse )

In actuality, I still can't believe I've watched that many. If I didn't have sleeping problems, I'd say I didn't have a life outside of watching movies, haha.
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